How to Deal with Nasal Drainage Problems

One significant problem with most sinus cases is nasal drainage issues caused by extreme mucus secretion. They may run down the back of your throat which can become worse while sleeping.

The medical language used to describe this symptom is post-nasal drip. The results of poor sinus flow may lead to headache, sore throat, nasal blockage, trouble breathing, bad breathe, cavities and infections.

The most common causes of excessive sinus drainage are environment irritants, viruses like the flu, and infections.

So are there ways to help your sinuses drain effectively?

Yes, you can do it easily at home. I list several options for you to try below.

The first key is to keep your mucus thin rather than thick. The idea behind this is to prevent ear, nose and throat issues like bacterial infection, nasal blockage, and headache.

The most common remedies which you can apply in the comfort of your own home include:

Nasal Irrigation
cleaning your sinuses by cleaning them with fluid is a quick method to unclog them.

You can use a bulb syringe or a neti pot. Fill the syringe or pot with lukewarm water and add a half teaspoon of natural sea salt without any preservative. Tilt your head sideways and pour part of the salt solution into whichever nostril is higher. Then lean towards the sink and let the solution drain out through the other nostril.

Repeat the process with the other nostril.

Many people I spoke to felt uncomfortable with nasal irrigation. They experienced a burning sensation. This symptom is a result of having too little or too much saline in the mixture.

A more convenient approach such as nasal spray and nasal decongestant works by constrictng blood vessels in the nasal lining to improve the draining of your sinuses.

The downside of this approach is that it is only applicable for short-term use only before it loses its impact.

Steam Inhalation for Sinus Relief
Although this option is not considered to be a cure for sinus suffering it may assist you to control and deal with your trouble .

It is easy to use , you use steam to warm the air around your nasal cavities thereby thinning the thicker and thus sticky mucus .

An easy and relatively low-priced approach would be to start a warm shower . If you apply the wash wall with essential oil for instance eucalyptus oil you may shortly experience your sinuses open up and mucus began to liquefy .

Blow away the infected nasal discharge quickly as much as it is possible to .

Another great way is to cover your head with a small towel over a dish of warm water and inhale the steam .

You can also make use of a steam vaporizer which can be purchased at your local drugstore .

The inhalation of the fine mists assist you to thin mucus , optimize sinus discharging , relieve sore throat , congestion and also clear your nasal cavities thereby making it much easier for you to breathe in the air .

For a more therapeutic impact insert two or three drops of eucalyptus or even peppermint oil to provide that extra soothing experience .

Make sure you drink Hot Fluids
In addition to steam and nasal irrigation , drinking plenty of fluids specifically warm one helps to thin your mucus when you are battling with sinus soreness and headache .

Try a warm cup of tea after a warm shower and I can guarantee you will feel so much better quickly .

Saltwater Wash for Aching Throat
In the event that your sore throat is due to bad sinus discharge , gargle with saltwater and suck on zinc lozenges to relieve your discomfort and also to keep your throat moist .

For more support and protection I usually like to include a few drops of Goldenseal tincture into a cup full of water to create a mouth wash .

This medicinal herb or spice is extremely bitter and has anti-microbial properties.

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